10 minutes doodles!

2014-10-29 23:35:00 by valetta

It's been a while <3 4751696_141464008862_Doodle.jpg

Help reaching my donation goal!

2014-10-23 11:31:02 by valetta

Guys, I have been struggling with purchasing a new drawing tablet that can help me excels in game development art field, so I decided to make a campaign for people to help me out on it.


Playing around

2014-03-08 12:53:48 by valetta

Have been playing around with new photoshop brushes


Still looking for artists

2014-02-22 22:01:22 by valetta

Guys, my animation project. I still need some additional artists, this is the sneak peak :D


Who Dat Gurl

2014-02-02 23:27:21 by valetta

Don't you want that one girl who has the same interests, music, games, animation and shit?! yeah I fucking wish lol


2014-01-28 21:59:23 by valetta

Working on a game right now with other NG-champs :D can't wait till we can actually release it !! 


2013-09-23 21:45:40 by valetta

Sorry guys, if I said I was going to help on your projects. I'm just overwhelmed with school work, but I'll deffntly get back to you asap :D NG freakin' rocks !

Hey Guys

2013-08-17 13:48:56 by valetta

Hey guys, as you can see I'm pretty much new on newgrounds. I am an artist, not a professional artist, but I'm pretty good at drawing, especially drawing characters. I'm that good as you can tell by now by looking at my display picture, but I believe I will be as good as other professional artists if I keep practicing. I also love to do projects through internet, and work with other people. I don't care if the project will pay or not, all I want is to get to know more people, share opinions and techniques, and all that fun stuff. And also to gain more experience of course. Hope you guys can tolerate a newbie like me.

- Valetta